The 2018 Agenda items were discussed at the Full Membership Meeting November 17th, 2018:

  1. Pro-stock 4wd members go over class rules and discuss any changes so rules can be locked in.- Jamie Kincaid Recommendation: Accept rules approved by the Pro-Stock Four Wheel Drive class.
  2. If we are going to tech SFI or any type of safety that needs a certification then we should have a certified tech official on grounds at each event to do such tech-ing certifying & or re-certifying. -Evan Anderson Recommendation: NTPA has licensed a Roll Cage Inspector in the south. PPL will train roll cage inspectors for the south.
  3. Discuss the Future of the Combo Class. -Larry Dean Recommendation: Drop the Combo Class.
  4. Directors for the Limited Pro-Stock Class. Director needs to have a tractor in the class.- Larry Dean Recommendation: Limited Pro-Stock Class members are currently serving as Pro-Stock Tractor Directors.
  5. Drop Combo Class. – Jared Bradley Recommendation: Drop Combo Class.
  6. Discuss Light Limited Super Stock Rules. – Jerry McDaniel Recommendation: Accept the Limited Light Super Stock Rules as presented by the class.
  7. If a promoter chooses to run a class, points should be awarded to the class. -Tonnice Wallace Recommendation: No Action
  8. All videos of Mid-South events should be posted exclusively on the Mid-South website for a period of no less than 3 months. -Tonnice Wallace Recommendation: Raise the Hook Fee to allow for the Videographer and Photographer to receive additional compensation.
  9. What does a competitor receive for the money paid for videos and photographs? -Tonnice Wallace Recommendation: No Action
  10. Mid-South Pullers should have a Roll Cage Inspector.- Larry Gorham  Recommendation: NTPA has licensed a Roll Cage Inspector in the south. PPL will train roll cage inspectors for the south.
  11. We should use a 300’ track, use 320’ as the Float Distance No pulls past 320’ floating finish only if weather is imminent. We should stop the excessive distances for pulls. No one should have to go over 320’ Set track length ta 300’. Use the distance from 300’ to 320’ as a buffer zone. If someone pulls 320’ that is an automatic full pull. Floating finish should ONLY be used in the case of inclement weather.- Larry Gorham  Recommendation: No Action.
  12. Bring up on the floor about switching to PPL instead of NTPA or going independent. -Larry Gorham Recommendation: Membership Vote
  13. Discuss dropping one hook per year. We all have unexpected issues (breakage, funerals, illness, breakdown on the way to the pull, or just a bad night) throughout the season why not drop one hook from everyone’s year end points. – Wesley Foster Recommendation: Discuss in the directors meeting.
  14. Review, discuss and vote on PPL/Pro Pulling League offer for 2019 pulling season. -Wesley Foster Recommendation: Membership Vote
  15. Would like to discuss the future of the Mid-South Pullers Association. Michael Fanning Recommendation: Membership Vote
  16. Scratch 1 points pull a year. -Michael Fanning Recommendation: Discuss in the directors meeting
  17. Check turbos in Super Farm Class inlet and outlet.- Michael Fanning Recommendation: Accept Super Farm class request for random turbo charger slug checks.
  18. Track conditions: Need to make track conditions better.- Michael Fanning Recommendation: No Action.
  19. In the TWD class pay 6 places instead of 8.- Keith Slayden Item withdrawn
  20. Discuss and vote on Lucas Oil proposal for 2019 season.- Keith Slayden Recommendation: Membership Vote
  21. Discuss PPL offer to Mid-South and decide to pursue or continue on like we are going.- Jacob Fuqua Recommendation: Membership Vote
  22. Want to look at PPL offer for the 2019 pulling year.- Theresa Glover, Trent Glover, and Larry Douthit Recommendation: Membership Vote
  23. Vote on PPL proposal – Daniel Northcutt Recommendation: Membership Vote

Mid-South Pulling Association

2nd Reading, 3rd Reading, & Secretary Ballot Opening 

Sarge’s Shack

December 30, 2018


Officers Present        

Darrell Norman                       Sharon Wallace


Members Present

Jamie Kincaid             Randy Thomas            Linda Dean                 Kristi Thomas

Jeffery Dykes              Jared Bradley              Anthony Fanning        Tonnice Wallace

TJ Wallace                  Brittany Wallace         Theresa Glover           Steve Foster

Wesley Foster             Trent Glover               Larry Douthit              Nancy Norman                                   


Agenda Item

2nd Reading

3rd Reading

Accepted Pro-Stock Four Wheel Drive rules presented by the class. These rules will be locked for three years. Must make 70% of the hooks


Yes, 14            No, 0


Yes, 16            No, 1


Drop the Combo class and remove it from the contract.

Yes, 9             No, 5


Yes, 10            No, 7


Accept the Limited Light Super Stock Rules as presented by the class.

Yes, 14            No, 0


Yes, 16            No, 1


Raise the entry fee to $40 to help cover a pay increase of the videographer and photographer to $7.50 per hook each.


Yes, 9              No, 5


Yes, 10            No, 7


Pay $600 NTPA Charter.


Yes, 10            No, 4


Yes, 12            No, 5


Accept Super Farm class request for random turbo charger slug checks. A minimum of three tractors. Check to be completed on Saturday of two day hooks.

Yes, 11            No, 3


Yes, 13            No, 4





Sharon Wallace           18

Theresa Glover           31