2020 PPL Rule Changes

Attached below is the 2020 rule changes. There is some NEW & IMPORTANT rule changes and/or additions. Read over all of these and make sure you are in compliance.

Ballot Opening & Directors Meeting Minutes

Mid-South Pullers Association February 29, 2020 Crossroads of Dixie Tractor Club Building Lawrenceburg, TN Ballot Opening & Directors Meeting Officers Present President-Darrell Norman            Vice President-Wesley Foster                    Secretary-Theresa Glover Directors Present Jared Bradley                                     Keith Slayden Larry Dean                                          Cody Haney Randy Thomas                                   … Read More

Directors Meeting & Tech School

There will be a Board of Directors Meeting on February 29th starting at 12pm. Ballots will be opened during that time. Agenda items for this meeting will be posted on the website. Tech school will start at 4pm the same … Read More