Officer & Director Ballots

Officer and Director ballots went out in the mail on 12/7/21.  Please keep a watch out for your ballot to arrive.  Some of the ballots have checks inside that were not picked up during the year or at the banquet. Please cash these ASAP.   Ballots need to be return postmarked by 1/9/22 to be counted (the ballot has 1/9/21 forgive the typo).  Please get these back ASAP!  Directors meeting will be held on 1/23/22 to count the ballots.  Location and time to be announced later.  O4WD/DT class and SF class will have 2 ballots one for officers and one for directors.  If you had more than one vehicle your ballots were all in the same envelope.  If you have any questions please call Nancy at (256) 262-2648.  Have a great holiday season!

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