2021 Agenda Items

November 13, 2021
Manchester-Coffee County Conference Center
Manchester, TN

Full Membership Meeting

  • Evaluate pro stock 4wd rules and discuss any changes. – Jamie Kincaid
  • Bio Fuel or Bio Mix must be tested properly with a hydrometer with temperature indicator.  All fuels must be tested at the same temperature.  There shall be a set number with tolerance established between head tech and PPL/NTPA officials and class directors for super farm tractors or any class that runs bio mix.  Water should test between a 2-3 like PPL RULES. – Bradley Foster
  • Adopt PPL only rules for the Super Farm class. This includes fuel and water specs…. any fuel less than 150 on dielectric meter or current PPL specs. Water <2 on refractometer or current PPL specs. – Brad Woods, Jimmy Hawkins, Brandon Cromwell
  • Would like to discuss the PS4WS class going to any head, any intake with single r barrel carb, 500 CID, and all makes having 4.9 bore spacing. – Thomas Cottrell
  • Would like to discuss Mopar being able to use Hemi heads to be compatible and competitive with current Ford & Chevy heads. – Thomas Cottrell
  • I think with all the concerns that were voiced this season from intakes to heads, the class needs to grow.
    If the rules are changed as follows it will eliminate a lot of technical work along with the concerns.
    Any head, any intake, one 4500 base carburetor cast or billet, 4.9 bore spacing and 500 cubic inches. Fiberglass bodies.
    This will even up all the competitors’ advantages with engine components.
    The fiberglass body will weigh as much as a steel S-10, Ranger or Dakota body after it is braced to hold its shape.
    If you don’t want to allow fiberglass bodies then don’t allow small truck bodies either. You are already allowing fiberglass dog houses. Every other sanctioning body already allows fiberglass bodies including PPL.
    I am hearing rumors of some not wanting to allow welding on engine components whatsoever. This is taking steps backwards.
    For those that don’t want to change, run what you got for now. Sooner or later, you will be spending more on what you got anyway. Why not spend it on something that will hold a better value because other types of racing bodies will buy your parts. Drag racing and the like.
    I know I haven’t run that much with your organization, but I have been a member of PPL since they started and have pulled this class long before.
    Thank you for your listening ear. – Byron Nieman
  • Change the name of the combo 4×4 class to Pro Stock Diesel and follow the PPL Pro Stock Diesel class rules.  Diesel fuel only.  If approved need to elect 2 directors for the class from the diesel truck pullers. – Shawn Hugueley, William Coffman, Stoney Hargett
  • Get scale situation under control. Almost every pull no one is consistent on weight and no changes have been made on tractors from week to week. a) Require a concrete pad or packed gravel so scales won’t sink into the ground. b) Make sure sled scales are certified. not sure of ppl requirements – Brandon Cromwell
  • Adopt the 2050lb small block mini rod class – Jimmy Cook
  • Pre-Entry/Pre-Commit Program – Wesley Foster
  • Promoter Contract – allow a promoter to reschedule a rain out to the next available date exempted from the 45-day rule – Wesley Foster

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