2020 Agenda Items

November 14, 2020
Manchester-Coffee County Conference Center
Manchester, TN

  1. Discuss 2021 Season. -Wesley Foster
  2. Enforce hitch tie rule in the Super Modified Two Wheel Drive Class. -Larry Douthit
  3. In the Open Four Wheel Drive & Pro-Stock Diesel Truck Class adopt same rules as OSTPA. -Larry Douthit
  4. Change Open Four Wheel Drive & Pro-Stock Diesel Truck rules to be exactly like Ohio State Tractor Pullers rules for this class. -Brian Smith
  5. Allow Limited Light Super Stock competitors to fabricate STEEL axle housings out of ½” minimal thickness material. This is not a performance advantage, just a safety modification. -Cody Adgent
  6. Evaluate the legality of test hook dropping to last in the class without attempting to make a qualifying hook. -Andrew Powell
  7. Discuss tech officials pay on pulls that run past five hours and pulls that run street classes after Mid-South classes. -Larry Dean
  8. Discussion on how the protest was handled at Lexington Alabama pull and also how future protest need to be handled. Set some guidelines for Mid-South protest not just PPL protest rules. -Denny Ritter
  9. Review MSPA contract with photographer and make sure that we’re content with it. -Keith Slayden
  10. Discuss sled options and track conditions to make Mid-South better. -Michael Fanning
  11. Clarification of the head tech/track official’s duties. -Evan Anderson
  12. Who has deciding power of track conditions and sled settings? MSPA officials, hired operators, or the promoter? -Evan Anderson
  13. What MSPA official has authority when the track is being prepared; who has authority over the track when the pull is underway; and who has authority over the sled and its settings? -Keith Slayden
  14. Lucas Oil PPL Champions Tour events when under contract and scheduled the promoter buys a complete package deal for that event. How is Mid-South different and why? -Evan Anderson
  15. Promoter director to be in charge of getting the sleds and make a package deal with the promoters. -Michael Fanning
  16. Change contract to allow MSPA to hire and pay the sled we want to pull with considering the promoters choice also. -Keith Slayden

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