**Important Information**

Huntland is two weeks away and I need everyone to read over all of this information for our first pull and how things will go for the rest of the 2020 season.

Entry fees will remain the same as last year at $40 per hook!

2020 Mid-South Membership Changes
-You will only have to pay $100 for this year ONLY!(We are waiving the $50 late fees that is charged after April 1st)
-You will pay $25 PER HOOK until you reach $150 at which point you would become a Mid-South Member.

2020 PPL License Changes
-None of you have received membership cards/packets for this season
-There will NOT be any 2020 PPL Members this year(Exceptions to this is Champions Tour)
– Everyone that comes and competes at any of the remaining events will pay a $50 dollar PER HOOK fee(This is an insurance fee) EXCEPTIONS ARE CHAMPIONS TOUR ONLY!
-If you have already paid your 2020 PPL Membership/License you will have two options:
– You can have your money refunded(Not sure when exactly that will start that just yet)
-You can roll it over for your 2021 PPL Membership/License

Now comes the run part!

At every event everyone will have to submit a per hook form that will go to PPL headquarters. I am going to attach this form onto this message so that you can go ahead and print it off and have it filled out (Fill out down to the SS #)
I can’t stress enough how important that it will be to get there and get your entry completed early. I WILL be setting up early myself to help try and speed the process up and try to help keep long lines down. DO YOUR PART!
I know that everyone hates doing paperwork every time, but be mindful and respect that PPL is trying to work and help us out. WE ALL have had a crazy year and we really don’t ever know what might happen next.

If anyone has any questions at all please don’t hesitate to call and ask.
Theresa- 931-638-0335


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