Ballot Opening & Directors Meeting Minutes

Mid-South Pullers Association
February 29, 2020
Crossroads of Dixie Tractor Club Building
Lawrenceburg, TN
Ballot Opening & Directors Meeting

Officers Present
Darrell Norman            Vice President-Wesley Foster                    Secretary-Theresa Glover

Directors Present
Jared Bradley                                     Keith Slayden
Larry Dean                                          Cody Haney
Randy Thomas                                   Stoney Hargett
Trent Glover                                      Jamie Kincaid
Jacob Fuqua                                       Ronald Shelton
Jason McDaniel                                 Brad Woods
Greg Jones

Members Present
Steve Foster       Larry Douthit    Debra Douthit   Angie Bradley    Kristi Thomas

Agenda Item 2nd Reading 3rd Reading
In regards to the Mid-South Pullers Association Contract the following changes to be made: Take the modified tractor class off as an offered class and make the HSS and 10Pro optional classes which would make the LLSS and LPro mandatory. Yes,15                No,1 Yes,15                No,1
PPL/NTPA Rules for 9300 Super Farm remain the same for 2020 season. Yes,16                No,0 Yes,16                No,0
Limited-Pro Stock Tractors run strictly by PPL Rules. NO 8600 injection pump. Yes,16                No,0 Yes,16                No,0
Diesel Trucks run PPL rules as far as engine/turbo. Diesel trucks 7800lbs 26in hitch height and SM4WD trucks run 6800lbs with 27in hitch height. Yes,12                No,4 Yes,13                No,3
Photo & Video 7.50 per hook total. No charge to puller, sponsor, or promoter for pictures or services. Yes,11               No,5 Yes,12              No,4
Locking in LLSS rules for three years(2020-2022).To unlock rules there must be a 70% majority vote from the class before they can be discussed. Members must make 51% of hooks to vote on changing rules or to unlock rules. Yes,15               No,1 Yes,15                    No,1
One Day event raised to A purse. Yes,13                No,3 Yes,13                      No,3

Limited Pro-Stock Director
Larry Dean-7
Russell Counce-1

Darrell Norman opened up the directors meeting and thanked everyone for coming.

Wesley Foster called roll for directors after the welcome to everyone.

Ballots was opened for 2nd & 3rd reading agenda items and Limited Pro-Stock tractor director. Totals from all votes was read aloud to all directors’ present by Theresa Glover, secretary. See results above.

Jared Bradley made a motion to accept the minutes from the following meetings: Full Membership Meeting November 16, 2019 and Directors Meeting November 16, 2019 as presented. Randy Thomas seconded motion. Motion Passed: 13 Yes, 0 No.

Wesley Foster explained more to directors about having an A purse for one day events and what promoters have been telling him. For 2020 season, one day events will not be required to run an A purse due to timeline requirements and for contracts to be back in. Keith Slayden made a motion to accept. Jared Bradley seconded motion. Motion Passed: 13 Yes, 0 No.

Randy Thomas made a motion to allow MSPA to run one day events with 3 classes at fairs only at the promoter director’s discretion per board members on 2/29/2020. Jared Bradley seconded motion. Motion Passed: 13 Yes, 0 No.

Heavy Super Stock Director position was discussed due to there being only one director for this class. Stoney Hargett made a motion to keep the Heavy Super Stock director position open until position is up for nomination in 2020. Trent Glover seconded motion. Motion Passed: 13 Yes, 0 No.

Open 4WD/PDT class rules were discussed and after review and discussion the following motion was made: Jared Bradley made a motion that SM4WD (blown alcohol) trucks run at 6600 pounds with 26 in hitch height. Diesel trucks will run by PPL Rules. Keith Slayden seconded motion. Motion Passed: 10 Yes, 0 No.

Keith Slayden made a motion to reduce our photographer pay to $10.00 per hook and MSPA will schedule the photographer at our discretion. Jared Bradley seconded motion. Motion Passed: 13 Yes, 0 No.

Wesley Foster opened the floor up to the directors to discuss any other topics.

Ronald Shelton brought up to the board about increasing Larry Douthit’s compensation for pulling the MSPA entry trailer. After discussion, Keith Slayden made a motion to increase the pay of pulling the MSPA trailer to $125.00 per night. Brad Woods seconded motion. Motion Passed 13 Yes, 0 No.

Randy Thomas made a motion by 2/3 vote from the directors that the 2nd & 3rd readings be waived and all motions to be final. Brad Woods seconded motion. Motion passed 13 Yes, 0 No.

Randy Thomas made a motion to close meeting. Jared Bradley seconded motion. Motion Passed: 13 Yes, 0 No.

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