Full Pull Motorsports Super Modified Two Wheel Drive Trucks

VehicleHun 1Hun 2Lex 1Lex 2Total
Papa Bear293059
Playin’ Hooky282957
Nitroholic 262450
Ole Fred242549
Thunder Road252247
American Made212647
Sawmill Express192746
Child’s Play222042
The Untouchable30030
Old School000

American Ethanol Pro-Stock Four Wheel Drive Trucks

VehicleHun 1 Hun 2Lex 1Lex 2 Total
Major Pain292958
Who’s Cheatin Who263056
Mr. Sparkle302656
Burnin Cash282553
Midnite Oil272451
Code Blue212849
Night Train222345
Top Gun242044
Xtreemly -N- Sane162743
Natural High 192241
Sawmill Express 2251641
Unfinished Business201939
Buck Wild231538
Dangerous Suspect172138
Sawmill Express181735
High Voltage151833
Walkin Tall 000

Tennessee Valley Tractor Light Limited Super Stock Tractors

VehicleHun 1 Hun 2Lex 1 Lex 2Total 
Never Enough II Alcohol Edition 302959
Ghost Rider282856
Deere Gone Wild252752
Cracker Jack262652
Constant Sorrow272350
Lil’ Screamer 242549
Rawhide Express232447
Devil in A blue dress221537
Alcoholic Deere000
Lil’ Reaper000

Deans Farm Supply Limited Pro-Stock Tractors

VehicleHun 1Hun 2 Lex 1Lex 2Total 
Dixie Deere302858
High Strung 273057
Pickin N Ginnin292756
Tennessee Red282654
Double Vision252954
All 4. One 262450
Burnin the Bucks000
Never Enough  000
Volunteer Deere000
Plow Tractor 4.1000

Brothers Implement Light Weight Super Stock Tractors

VehicleHun 1 Hun 2 Lex 1 Lex 2 Total 
Tennessee Tracks263056
Ridge Runner282856
On The Edge 302454
Full Boar 242751
Blue Devil 2252651
Cujo Unleashed 232548
Evening Thunder271542
Hulk Alcohol Edition000
another Nite Trouble000

Riverside Engines Super Farm Tractors

VehicleHun 1 Hun 2Lex 1Lex 2 Total
Deere Traxx302757
Farm Fed Deere282856
Bad Bodacious263056
Thunder Struck252954
Bad Habit is Back 292453
Tha Moonshiner 272350
Green Fever242650
Bare Bones Binder232548
Still Spending Daddy’s Money222244

Woodall Grain Open Four Wheel Drive & Pro-Stock Diesel Trucks

VehicleLex 1 Lex 2 Total
The Wasp
Yellow Fever
Red Line Express
War Machine