Full Pull Motorsports Super Modified Two Wheel Drive Trucks

VehicleHun 1Hun 2Lex 1Lex 2Total
Papa Bear29302828115
Nitroholic 26242927106
Playin’ Hooky28292721105
Ole Fred2425222697
American Made2126202996
Child’s Play2220262492
Thunder Road2522212391
Sawmill Express192724070
Old School00303060
The Untouchable3000030

American Ethanol Pro-Stock Four Wheel Drive Trucks

VehicleHun 1 Hun 2Lex 1Lex 2 Total
Major Pain29292730115
Mr. Sparkle30262528109
Burnin Cash2825172999
Code Blue2128232698
Xtreemly -N- Sane1627292597
Midnite Oil2724221992
Sawmill Express 22516262491
Top Gun2420281890
Night Train2223162788
Who’s Cheatin Who263030086
Unfinished Business2019192381
Buck Wild2315202280
High Voltage1518242077
Sawmill Express1817212177
Natural High 192218059
Dangerous Suspect17210038
Walkin Tall 00000

Tennessee Valley Tractor Light Limited Super Stock Tractors

VehicleHun 1 Hun 2Lex 1 Lex 2ColumbiaTotal 
Cracker Jack2626262729134
Constant Sorrow2723272428129
Rawhide Express2324232525120
Never Enough II Alcohol Edition 302929300118
Ghost Rider282824260106
Lil’ Screamer 24250232698
Alcoholic Deere0028293087
Deere Gone Wild2527250077
Devil in A blue dress221500037
Lil’ Reaper000000

Deans Farm Supply Limited Pro-Stock Tractors

VehicleHun 1Hun 2 Lex 1Lex 2ColumbiaTotal 
Double Vision2529303029143
Dixie Deere3028272830143
Pickin N Ginnin2927292727139
Tennessee Red2826252626131
All 4. One 2624262925130
High Strung 273024024105
Burnin the Bucks000000
Never Enough  000000
Volunteer Deere000000
Plow Tractor 4.1000000

Brothers Implement Light Weight Super Stock Tractors

VehicleHun 1 Hun 2 Lex 1 Lex 2 Total 
Ridge Runner28282730113
On The Edge 30243028112
Evening Thunder2715262795
Tennessee Tracks263025081
Hulk Alcohol Edition00282957
Full Boar 24270051
Blue Devil 225260051
Cujo Unleashed 23250048
another Nite Trouble00000

Riverside Engine Super Farm Tractors

VehicleHun 1 Hun 2Lex 1Lex 2 ColumbiaTotal
Thunder Struck2529293030143
Deere Traxx3027302629142
Bad Habit 2924282728136
Bad Bodacious2630222926133
Farm Fed Deere2828232824131
Green Fever2426242427125
Tha Moonshiner 2723262225123
Bare Bones Binder2325272523123
Still Spending Daddy’s Money2222252322114

Woodall Grain Open Four Wheel Drive & Pro-Stock Diesel Trucks

VehicleLex 1 Lex 2 Total
Yellow Fever302959
Big Daddy Magic 292857
The Wasp262753
War Machine03030
Tennessee Stud 28028
Black Magic27027
Red Line Express000