Agenda Items

November 16,2019
TownePlace Suites

  1. Discuss 2019 Season.-Wesley Foster
  2. Review/Restructure Promoter Contract.-Wesley Foster
  3. Review Sponsors Program.-Wesley Foster
  4. Make permanent the mixed PPL/NTPA rules for 9300 Super Farm Tractors.-Brandon Cromwell
  5. Revisit 1st year grandfathering the P8600 injection pump in 4.1 Limited Pro Stock Tractor class. Consider running PPL/NTPA rules like Super Farm class? This would consist of 7100 pump and billet head for PPL or 8600 pump and cast head for NTPA. THE RULES CANNOT BE MIXED.-Brandon Cromwell
  6. Specify rules specifically engine and turbo rules for “Diesel Trucks”. As it is now its a anything goes class. Recommendation is to contact current pullers in the class and see what they are running. Could mirror USA 3.0 map or no map with a max 3.8 inducer/exducer turbine? OR run PPL rules?-Brandon Cromwell
  7. Consider the 1 year certification like ITPA.-Brandon Cromwell
  8. In addition to PPL’s 2WD drawbar rule: -Evan Anderson
    -Add additional zip tie to bottom adjustment studs and make these apply to ALL MSPA events.
    -2WD drawbar specs to be teched at random, yet prior to competing at said event.
  9. Discuss Video & Photos for 2020 season.-Larry Douthit
  10. Discuss locking in Light Limited Super Stock rules for three years.-Jeffery Dykes
  11. Discuss raising the purse.-Keith Slayden
  12. Discuss track distance 300-320 max with 320 feet being a full pull.-Jackie Carson
  13. If you are late and come to enter after entry is closed you automatically are placed at the end of your class. This will help with getting others in the class staged and ready.-Jackie Carson

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